Easy Text to Handwriting Method

by wedado_f5jp81
  • To use your handwriting, you will have to generate font of your handwriting.
  • There are websites like Calligraphr that let you do that.
  • Once you get .ttf file of your handwriting, upload it from ‘Upload your handwriting font’ button in customizations sections

1. How can I add my own Handwriting?

Check out Guide to add your own Handwriting

2. Where can I get more fonts?

You can use fonts from https://www.quantumenterprises.co.uk/handwriting-fonts/fontvault.htm

3. There are gaps between letters in custom fonts

This is a known issue that we haven’t figured out the solution for. As a temporary workaround, there is letter spacing and word spacing option to adjust the gap.

4. Where can I request for features and report bugs?

You can’t. This is a read-only project and there will not be any improvements in the project

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